Hall of Fame Inductees


Southern Africa
Gotlieb Johannes Jacobus Mijo

Gotlieb Johannes Jacobus Mijo was characterised as having established a ‘legacy of security excellence’ and as a true titan of the Namibian security sector. His unwavering dedication to excellence, leadership, and mentorship have left an indelible mark on the industry. The judges felt that the Lifetime Achievement Award is a fitting tribute to a lifetime of service for an individual who has played a key part in making Namibia a safer and more secure place for all. Gottlieb Miljo, better known as Hans, embarked on his security career at 18. After joining the South African Police, his star potential was recognised early as his commitment to excellence shone through. He completed his warrant officer exams within two years and excelled in detective work. Recognising his talent, the department looked to cultivate his skills and he was entrusted with training dogs for criminal tracking. His passion for canine training led him to establish a successful dog training club with 70 members in Tsumeb. Miljo’s leadership extended beyond police work. In 1973, he joined Rossing Uranium Mine, establishing a highly effective 36-dog security unit that played its part in significantly curbing criminal activity. This success propelled him to a leadership role at the Goldfields Group in South Africa, where he trained various security dogs for tasks like tracking, riot control, and explosives detection. Judges highlighted his important influence on the security sector in Namibia, someone who had had a positive impact over many years.

Paul Kellett

Paul Kellett, a distinguished figure in the security profession, exhibits an impressive commitment to elevating standards and fostering education. With roles spanning prestigious organisations such as the Security Institute of Ireland and the Emergency Management Institute, he pioneers initiatives, authors crucial manuals, and mentors countless professionals. Notably, his contributions extend internationally, earning him accolades such recognition as an IFSEC Global Top Influencer. Paul’s diverse skill set, from a 36-year front-line service career to advanced academic qualifications, underscores his multifaceted impact and makes him a deserving nominee for the OSPA Ireland Lifetime Achievement Award. In 1990, Paul demonstrated extraordinary heroism, meriting the Distinguished Service Medal for Bravery from the Irish Defence Forces as well as Spain’s esteemed Cross of Naval Merit, conferred by King Juan Carlos.

New Zealand
Brian Switalla

Brian’s illustrious career in the security industry spans over 40 years, during which he has honed his expertise and risen through the ranks. His journey began as a security guard and patrol officer on the streets of Dunedin in 1982. Over time, he transitioned to supervisory roles, eventually becoming a seasoned manager.   Brian’s extensive qualifications include a Certificate of Approval (CoA) in guarding classes, private investigation, and security consultancy. His deep understanding of security science enables him to provide consultative advice to clients, ensuring solutions are tailored to real risks and practical needs.  As the General Manager Strategic Accounts, Brian oversees FIRST Security’s National Accounts throughout New Zealand, collectively valued at approximately $18 million annually. His reputation precedes him: clients admire his integrity, commitment, and mentorship. Whether advising the CEO, COO, or frontline guards, Brian remains a legend in the industry, fostering trust and excellence.

Anil Puri

Mr. Anil Puri, the Chairman & Managing Director of the AP Securitas Group of Companies, stands as a beacon of excellence in the industry. With over three decades of leadership, he has propelled the company, established in 1986, to remarkable heights, boasting a turnover exceeding INR 6000 Million and a widespread presence across 135+ locations nationwide. With a dedicated workforce of over 24,000, his emphasis on customer satisfaction and employee welfare underscores his commitment to fostering talent and providing growth opportunities.

Renowned for its security services and integrated facilities management, the AP Securitas Group leverages a robust IT infrastructure for operational efficiency and fiscal discipline, a testament to Mr. Puri’s forward-thinking approach. His dedication to innovation sees him championing technological advancements to continuously enhance operations.

As a respected thought leader, Mr. Puri actively contributes to media platforms and industry seminars, earning accolades such as CAPSI’s Security Personality of The Year 2019. Currently serving as Vice President of CAPSI, he chairs its Ethics Committee and holds a position on the Executive Committee.

Beyond business, Mr. Puri remains committed to social responsibility, supporting start-ups and philanthropic endeavours, leaving an indelible mark on both industry and society.

    Bob Martin, JP, CSyP, FSyI

    Bob Martin is a distinguished professional in the security sector. He stands as a paragon of excellence and dedication and deserves formal recognition for his lifetime of exemplary service. With a career spanning over four decades, Bob’s contributions have left an indelible mark on the field, reshaping and elevating the standards of security practices. His commitment, expertise, and visionary leadership have not only propelled the industry forward but have also inspired countless individuals to pursue excellence in their security endeavours. He is the epitome of visionary leadership in the diverse and complicated world of security management.

    Judges comments:

    • There are few who would near emulate the personal commitment that Bob has gifted to the industry. Arguably fewer with the breadth of expertise and selfless offering of his knowledge to others.
    • Bob has demonstrated a significant contribution in terms of his professional work and also mentoring, voluntary roles at a senior level within the security sector. A significant contribution.
    • A true and authentic individual within the industry!
    • Bob’s commitment to the improvement of the security industry is exemplified by his involvement with numerous industry bodies over the years. He is deserving of this award as recognition of dedication and expertise.
    • Outstanding and selfless contribution across large elements of the industry, over a prolonged period of time.
    • Great entry, that really encapsulates what Bob Martin has achieved over his career. An outstanding portfolio!
    • A wonderful individual who is kind and giving to all that come into contact with him.